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  /  Travel with your family, what a good idea!

Travel with your family, what a good idea!

Here are some tips for a stress-free stay!

Family vacation TremblantPreparing a trip or simply the idea of planning a vacation may prove to be a real headache for some people, especially when you decide to travel with your family!

The key ingredient when you want to travel with peace of mind is the organization. Planning in advance can definitely save you a headache! We are suggesting 3 steps that will prove to be essential in the planning of a carefree journey! Thus, it will prevent you from being caught off guard during your stay!

  1. Establish a BUDGET and try to respect it!

The most important step is to establish a budget for your family vacation. Whether it is for a long week at the beach or just a weekend in the Laurentides, budgeting is essential when you want to travel with your family! This will later help you determine the destination, the duration of your stay as well as the activities you want to do with your family once there. Do not forget to include in your budget an amount for meals, for souvenirs, for activities or any expenses you can think of.

  1. We chose a DESTINATION & we BOOK accommodations!

If the children are old enough, you can choose the destinations with them. So whether you chose an inn, a chalet or even a city or region, the important thing is that it pleases the whole family. Make sure, when making your decision, to take into account the activities available for children, the attractions for the whole the family or the nearby amenities, just to ensure maximum fun! It’s so easy to find many touristic guides for every region of Quebec, You may consult them, they will be very useful! You can even make your own itinerary if you are thinking of changing your hotel during your stay. Or you can make a schedule to ensure to make the most of your destination! Then you book the hotel, the Inn, the condo, the camping or the chalet. And make sure also to book for all activities that require advance booking, if necessary!

  1. Finally, we ORGANIZE the luggage!

When organizing the luggage, make sure to include the essentials things for bath time, for sleep time, for all sorts of weather as well as all the necessary daily clothing. Do not forget to bring an emergency kit, you never know what you may need, it’s better to be prepared! To make sure you won’t forget anything, make a list of what you need to bring with you. It is recommended to bring all kinds of games to entertain and amuse the children, especially when planning long trips in cars!

The most important thing is to have fun with your family while having a carefree journey!